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Heading to the Water


We are excited to bring the Sup experience to Woking & the surrounding area

We offer a unique hire 
service where you can choose from a number of local launch locations meaning there are always plenty of new places to explore

our Different hire options give flexibility.  We can meet you at the waterside with everything setup ready to go or you can pick the equipment up from us, head off and inflate the SUP yourself

we are commercially licensed to operate on the basingstoke canal and river wey


Girl on SUP


where, WHEN, WHY it all started....

whilst having a catch up during the blur of a global pandemic, my best friend came up with the great idea that we should take up paddle boarding

'brilliant!' I thought.... 

however, It quickly became obvious there was little option to give it a go on our doorstep.  What was within 'reasonable distance' would take a huge chunk out of the day when we factored in travelling there and back, plus lake activity centres and river operators working from a fixed launch site meant flexibility was limited - you'd always have to launch from the same spot and paddle the same bit of water - we'd get easily bored.  What we wanted was the freedom to go where and when we wanted, we had lots of adventures planned! long story short, keen to get going we just dived straight in and bought our own equipment, a costly investment when we didn't even know if we would 100% love it.  Luckily for us we did!

Our quest and lack of any ability to hire locally gave me that 'lightbulb moment' .... maybe i could fill that void?....

.... and so, 'the paddle project' was born

what we aim to do....

The aim is to provide a good quality paddle board hire service to woking and the immediate area.  to offer a range of flexible options so people have the freedom to paddle where they like, whether that is exploring different launch sites locally or heading off further afield. and for those considering buying their own paddle board, the option to 'test drive' before taking the financial plunge

we aim, as much as possible, to include everything in the hire price leaving little or no 'extras' for you to worry about and for the experience to be 'hassle Free'

but most of all, the aim is to make it addictively enjoyable 

Image by Peter Csipkay


Meet at a range of locations on the Basingstoke Canal and River Wey.

We bring all the equipment, help you with a quick set up and you are straight out on the water  





Gift vouchers available for all our hire options


Pick up the equipment from our HQ in Westfield, Woking and head wherever the feeling takes you, stay local, try the Thames or head to the coast for the day.  Pump up and paddle.  The ultimate freedom  



Thinking of buying your own board?  Take one for a test drive and get a percentage of your hire fee in a credit towards the purchase price

Image by Anita Denunzio


Booking enquiries can be made by phone, email or by completing the contact form on this website

please quote hire service required, location (if waterside meet), date, preferred time and how long you want to hire for 

Bookings will only be confirmed once full payment has been received

Payments can currently be made via Bank Transfer

Every participant is required to sign a waiver form. By hiring from us you are agreeing to the terms and conditions contained in the links above.  Your confirmation email will prompt you to read these links. 

click on the links above to access the relevant information



We use 'Sandbanks Style Ultimate' inflatable stand up paddle boards (iSUP).  A fantastic all-round board that copes equally well with both flat water and waves.  Its dimensions - 10'6" long, 32"wide and 6" deep - means it has excellent stability and buoyancy and is ideal for beginners as well as more advanced paddlers.  With a maximum carrying capacity of 130kg (20 stone) there is also the ability of accommodating a passenger

The fibreglass paddle is stiff and lightweight and the shaft is fully adjustable to suit the height of any paddler

Our Personal Flotation Devices (PFD)/Buoyancy Aids are Crewsaver MK3.  They have shoulder and torso adjustments and a low profile that ensures good freedom of movement

All of the equipment is new for April 2021 and regularly maintained for safety and top performance

2021-03-24 10.15.50.jpg
The Equipment
Image by Malik Skydsgaard



Neoprene water shoes or old trainers.  Bare feet is also fine (especially at the beach) but if you are using the canal or river  it is advisable to wear something on your feet to protect them when you are on the bank and from anything on the river/canal bed. Remember there is a high chance your feet will get wet.  Footwear also helps keep toes warm in colder weather


Rash top, sports top, base layer, swimming costume, lightweight fleece and/or jacket.  Remember you could end up in the water, you want fabrics that dry quickly and will not become heavy if wet.  You will need to fit a PFD over the top of whatever you wear so you don't want anything too bulky. Think thin layers if you need warmth and thin or neoprene gloves to keep fingers warm in cold weather


Neoprene leggings, gym leggings, workout or swimming shorts, swimming costume. Something lightweight that quickly dries and, like the top, doesn't become heavy if wet. If you are launching in the sea or in shallow water by a river bank your legs will definitely get wet. Wetsuits are fine as well but can restrict movement or rub so we'd suggest separate top and bottoms are a better choice

A drink,  paddling (especially pumping up) can be thirsty work!  A change of clothes and shoes in case you get wet.  A towel.  Sun lotion, especially on brighter/warmer days.  Your phone, we will need at least one of your party to carry a mobile in case of an emergency and we provide a waterproof case.  We also provide a 10ltr dry bag for any items you need to take out on the water with you


What to Wear
Image by Ben White


Staying Local

in woking we have some fantastic waterways right on our doorstep and paddle boarding is a great and unique way to see and explore them

the basingstoke canal runs right through the heart of our town and the river wey meanders gently to the south.  Both pass through outlying villages and countryside, are home to an abundance of wildlife and combined offer 50 miles of tranquil waters to paddle the hours away

wherever you head make sure to check on the day for local waterway information and/or tide times, along with weather conditions and whether you need to buy a license to Paddle board.  only sup if safe to do so

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2021-04-05 14.00.37.jpg
Further afield

our pick up & Go hire option means you are not tied to the local waterways.  you can go wherever the mood takes you, maybe a half day hire to the thames or heading out for a full day hire to the coast - hayling island and chichester harbour are around an hour away where you will find sheltered waters or at a similar distance, for the more experienced, there is the open sea of the south coast

Where to SUP




basingstoke canal